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years as a school board member. six years in the california legislature, proudly representing. i will never stop fighting with fighting for education orne and -- never stop fighting for education. we have had to collectively whether these very difficult economic times. this november, the county has a choice. it has not had in decades, to have a different kind of representation in congress that believes in the same values as the people. we want to expand the middle class, get our economy back on track, create jobs, protect medicare and social security, and stand for a woman's right to choose, with equal access to health care and equal pay for equal work. all of us want an advocate for the middle class and president obama needs a congress that will help them expand the middle class and move our country forward. i promise you i will work my work.erol l work.ute the of >> they give for offering this lively debate and allow only everybody to come out here tonight to understand where we stand on specific issues. does the other day, my neighbor came up to me and said, why are you runnin
-span2, eric cantor will square off for the race for california seventh district. it will be on c-span2. >> every generation there are history has worked and sacrificed to leave a better country to their children and grandchildren. we were then spending their money. we are much more spending their money. we are leaving them a mess. it to be very difficult to deal with. if we are that week, just think of who want to come here for. we're seeing our country taking over. we're so we cannot do anything. we are moving in that direction. we have got to start fixing this now. otherwise it is a disaster. we could even lose our country. >> ross perot interviewed by richard wolfe and how it has changed since he ran for president in 1992 and 1996. by his article in today's edition of "usa today" ross perot tonight on c-span at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> of the archdiocese of washington red mass yesterday marking the start of the new term. it is named after the color of the garments help buy the claridge held on the sunday before the court held this. six of the nine attended yesterday's services of st. m
obama campaign, former deputy assistant to president obama, spoke at california state university northridge to discuss lessons learned from the 2008 campaign and how they can be applied to this year's campaign. >> this is something of a homecoming for me. i grew up until i was in third grade, i live in lakewood california. and i spent a lot of time in this area. this was a holiday place for me. all my relatives lived scattered from granada hills to this area. this is where we came every christmas and thanksgiving and so forth. it's a great honor to come back here. to tell you about myself, when i was in third grade i moved to a two-r rivers, california. a small town. i had the same intent kids i went to school with every year until a great. when i got into high school, we were bused into the valley and picked up a lot more classmates. we did a lot of outdoor activities, camping, fishing, hunting, played ball. and so, eventually, i ended up at uc santa barbara as a student of political science. having grown up rural and kind of small, i never imagined i could work in the white hou
take control from the state of california? this is what it's all about, dr. ruiz. i and others, including partners like senator feinstein, senator denise due chaney have also been working very hard on the salt and sea. time is of the essence. right now is an opportunity to finally get the support of neighboring communities, all the way to the city of los angeles. i've called for two congressional hearings as soon as possible into the matter of the salt and sea. but dr. ruiz, this thing you're bickering about bickering is getting old. i'd like to point to people -- >> time, congresswoman. >> thank you. >> dr. ruiz, you have 30 seconds. >> yes. this is another example of a failed promise and failure to lead. she's had 14 years and we see she is still talking about the same thing. nothing has happened. nothing has got done. the other thing is -- and i think one of the reasons is because you're so out of touch, you're so out of sight. you're harder to find than waldo unless people pay to see you. it's very difficult. so we have to make sure that we have true leadership and bring pe
romney and his running mate paul ryan in lancaster, ohio. later, a live debate from california's 36 district between republican incumbent mary by matt and democratic challenger raul ruez. vice president biden and his wife campaigned today in wisconsin. it is his first campaign stop following thursday night's vice presidential campaign. this is about half an hour. >> hello, everyone. it is great to be here today. how about the content the debate? did joe do great last night? [cheers and applause] i am so proud of him. last night, i saw the july note, someone who truly understands what is going on in people's lives. -- i saw the joe i know, someone who truly understands what is going on in people's lives. somebody who truly stands for the middle-class and someone who showed us a clear picture of the choice in this election. and now, it is my pleasure to turn this over to someone who has been fighting hard for the kind of america that we want to live in, someone who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work to keep moving this country forward, my husband, our vice presi
, let's keep on working on it, mr. president. host: diane is joining us from california, a democrat. caller: good morning. i am enjoying this. can you hear me? host: we can. caller: it's early in california and the president is out here with president clinton as well. what i want to do about, i was born in east liverpool. my grandfather had a pottery store in youngstown. my other grandfather was from yugoslavia and worked as a school principal 30 years in midland pennsylvania. so i know the area. the autoworkers are very proud. i have relatives who retired after 30 years from the autoworkers. so i have steel workers as well in my family and labor. my father drove a semi for the steel mills 28 years in midland, pennsylvania. president obama has worked very hard getting the student loan rates down. representative levin said the republicans cut down talks completely on jobs and wanting to cut the education credit. the president signed the "dream act," and hundreds of thousands of students are able to get their education. i am educated. i put my son through law school. it is his birthda
the rest of the country be supporting the high tax rates of california and new york? but anyway, that's my position, not mitt romney's and he also explained in the debate, this is my general proposal. we'll argue about it. we'll talk about it. i'll take it to the democrats and we'll work it out. but even the tax policy center that claims this would be a $5 trillion tax cut for the rich has said -- has now admitted, well, we weren't calculating all the deductions that could be taken. we were just guessing which deductions he would eliminate. this is an opinion about what the result will be. well, republicans have a different opinion about the result. >> i want to open up the phone lines and invite you to join the conversation this morning. and we'll put those on the screen. you can tweet us and our email address if that's your preferred method of communication. we'll follow those in our discussion with ann coulter and will stay with us until 8:30. the new jobs numbers are out and so we want to have a chance to look at those and get her reaction to the political import of those. a few minute
-- to introduce a faculty member at the university california medicine. he has published more than 60 articles on drug safety and global health. he is the leading authority on global health around a world. in addition, he is a very well sought after in terms of presentation. most recently, harvard medical school. you might think a guy like this, he is probably 60. he is only 32 years old. remember 32? [laughter] i cannot remember that. it was way too long ago. with that, i would introduce our mackey.tim [applause] >> i always have to lower the mike. i want to thank the professor for that wonderful introduction. i am still working on my studies. the support is really important for me to pursue this particular type of research. also, to feed my nine-month year-old son. i want to thank them for this support. i want to talk about social media and unlisted online pharmacies. i want to open it up for a quick question. how many of you guys hear our facebook users? raise your hand. wow. how many of you added facebook in the last two or three years? a lot of you guys are early adopters. as you can see,
's any more true or less true in wisconsin than any other state host: california. our independent line. craig, you're on. caller: is this for me now? host: you're on, sir. go ahead. caller: i wasn't sure because you didn't list it properly. host: we're running out of time. go ahead. caller: i just want to mention because i think there's a problem with semantics in this country. and what i mean by that is everybody looks at romney from the standpoint as this man as a builder. he's not a builder he's a dismantler. and anybody that's familiar with construction fully realize that there's two different entities altogether. it's very rare that you find somebody good at building that's excellent at dismantling. and where that is a problem is he plans to dismantle social security, the health care plan, and anything to do with any power to any unions. and i would like everybody that's out here in california to pay attention to proposition 32 because what they're trying to do is trying to take away the ability of unions to negotiate with the c.e.o.s and with big business. host: we'll leave it th
taxes. why should have the -- why should the rest of the country support high taxes in california and new york. that's mitt romney's debate, not mine. i'll go take it to the democrats and we'll work it out. but even the tax policy center that claims this would be a 5 trillion dollar tax cut for rich has now said -- has now admitted well, we weren't calculating all the deductions he was taking. we were guessing which deductions woe eliminate. this is an opinion about what the result -- he would eliminate. this is an opinion about what the result will be. republicans have a different opinion about what the result will be. >> i want to open the phone lines. or send us a tweet at c-span wj and we'll put your e-mail address if that is your preferred way of communication. ann cultler stay with us until 8:35. the new jobs' numbers are out we want the chance to look at those and get her reaction to the political import of those. we should spend a few minutes on your book before we get to cal calls. what are you -- what's your thesis with this book? what are you trying to do with it? >> um
we will take it a california as the congressman faces the democratic challenger. it is the only televised debate for the thirty sixth congressional district. on wednesday, republican resident -- john gregg and libertarian candidate face of to be indiana's next governor. this debate is courtesy of wfyy. >> good evening, and welcome to the first gubernatorial debate for this fall season. i am dennis rierson, i will be your moderator tonight. we will answer questions of the indiana voters. for the first time, we are going to make set up a little. in a nod to the lincoln douglas approach, the candidates will have statements they make to the others. we are broadcasting this live throughout indiana and on live with streams -- webstreams. cspan is carring this debate. we welcome the community at large. our broadcast production partners from wfyy, our affiliante organization and our volunteers for making this possible. a word about format and the rules. in keeping with the mission and tradition of putting voters first, voters will ask many of the questions either in person or through e-
truth or less in wisconsin than any other state. it is part of the debate. host: california. independent line. you are on. caller: out a. -- ok. i wanted to mention really quick that i think there is a problem was semantics. what i mean by that is that everyone looks at romney from the standpoint of a man who is a builder. he is a dismantling. it is very rare that you find someone who is good at building and is excellent at it. he plans to dismantle the social security and health care plans and anything having to do it any power from the unions. i encourage everyone in california to pay attention to proposition 32. what they're trying to do is take away the ability of unions to negotiate with the ceo's and big business. host: we will leave it there. let's talk about the senate side. anything of note to you on the house side? guest: the republican incumbents are favored to win any. ownof them is paul ryan's race. is on the ballot for vice president and for congress. he is running a lot of ads. his opponent has been able to raise some money nationally. paul ryan is the favorite. it is an i
the case, and a california court granted jurisdiction over unical for the human rights abuses associated with the pipeline in burma. our clients had family members killed. one of our clients was tortured while she was holding her baby, nursing her baby by a cooking fire. she and her baby were kicked into the fire by pipeline security forces, and her baby later died. and we had slave labor building helicopter landing pads for the pipeline, and other infrastructure. human rights abuses. terrible suffering. our clients, because of this law, could get their foot in the door and have a chance to tell their story to a court and seek justice for the human rights abuses unical was complicit in. yesterday, in their brief leading up to this case yesterday, is basically arguing to turn back the clock to a pre-unical world, where corporations operating overseas cannot be brought to a challenge in u.s. courts under the alien tort statute for human rights abuses in which they are complicit. since the doe v. unical case established this precedent, allowing corporations to be sued, we have been able to
it to california to invest in a company with a loan guarantee, solyndra, that went bankrupt. accurately the state of ohio, one in every four children is in poverty. that's a record you should be ashamed of. [applause] >> henry, the next question. >> i'm not for the bailout -- henry's moving on to question. >> this question is for you. you criticize your opponent two years ago for shuffling his campaign workers ought to the public payroll yet the dayton daily news and others have reported you followed suit. you hired workers to work in the state treasury office. house is that a double standard? what assurances do we have that you'll make federal appointments based on merit and not to help you win? >> you have one minute. >> the comparison is apples and oranges. the people we hired into our office are qualified professionals. i believe there records speak for themselves. let's talk about the record. when the credit rating was downgraded, we have earned the highest rating on our bonds, on our investments. we have increased this by $2 billion. we have never graded -- we have navigated european debt c
can see our twitter. you can follow us. you could also use the hash tag #cspan2012. california's unemployment numbers were not included. if you are on twitter and want to send us a tweet, go to #cspan2012. obama is heading to camp david for the weekend. on monday, it is the final presidential debate when both candidates will return and focus on foreign policy. it is another 90 minute debate. our coverage on monday will get started at 7:00 p.m. eastern. the debate itself will be at 9:00 p.m. we will follow the debate with your reaction to the final presidential debate. >> the governor just got here. he is meeting with employees inside and he will be speaking to you in about two minutes. [cheers and applause] >> not sure if you heard all about, but an announcement was made. the governor is inside meeting with employees at the ball office products company. the person said the governor will speak in about two minutes. there is some applause and cheers from the crowd gathered here. the final debate is on monday. on our debate hub on cspan.org, you can see the entire past debates. we
unions. and i would like anybody out in california to pay attention to proposition 32 because they're trying to take away the ability of unions to negotiate with the c.e.o.s and with big business. host: i asked you about the senate side. are there any interesting races of note to you on the house side? >> there are three races to look at. i think all involving republican income bents and all in which the republicans are favered to win which one of them is paul ryan's own race. we have the situation where he is on the ballot for vopt and for congress. he's spending money about $2 million on his reelection campaign. his opponent has been able to raise some money because he's running against paul ryan. paul ryan is the favorite to get re-elected in that race so it's an interesting situation. we've got two republican freshman one in the green bay area and one up north. they both have contested races. they're both favored to win those races but they are contested races and they've been targeted by the parties at different times in this election. so that's also part of the picture. it ha
people back to work. host: republican from modesto, california. caller: nancy pelosi said they would still be in charge of the house and we know what happened then so let the democrats spin all the they want. as far as the benghazi thing, obama basically said act of terror in passing. he didn't say that was an act of terror. he did not want the american people to know this was an act of terror under his watch because that's his big thing. this guy has lied and lied and lied and lied and they what about gay marriage, what about doing all this stuff right before the election, all of a sudden i'm going to let the immigrants get a free pass. all this was deputy for political gain. we are not stupid. host: the caller brought up immigration. can you bring up this story, the president is confident about immigration. these are comments that relate to your neck of the woods. his plans were given in an interview with the des moines register. what are your thoughts about immigration and how it might affect the vote in iowa? >> guest: if the president was serious about immigration reform he woul
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